DPSM Recent Activities


The Division of Public Sector Modernisation (DPSM) in the Ministry of Public Service, Information and Broadcasting has embarked on several initiatives aimed at improving the management of data and information in order to support improvements in service delivery and interaction between the Government of Saint Lucia and its various clients.  These initiatives include:

  • launch of the Government of Saint Lucia Web Portal;
  • establishment of an Integrated Contact Centre;
  • establishment of a Digitisation Centre;
  • implementation of a Correspondence Management System;
  • analysis and design of an Electronic Document and Records Management System;
  • commencement of an Open Data Initiative  (in collaboration with The World Bank).

In order to ensure that these initiatives are managed in an optimal manner, which best serves the requirements of the participating Ministries/Agencies and the interest of their various clients, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department were invited to nominate two (2) representatives to serve as points of contact between the Ministry/Agency and the DPSM with regard to these inter-related initiatives.

It was suggested to the Ministries/Agencies that the persons nominated should be fairly senior level officers, who have a very good understanding of the operations of the Agency, and in particular the data and information management processes, data-sets held by the Agency, information which needs to be disseminated and the information requirements of their various clients. It is expected that the points of contact will liaise with and be supported by other management, administrative and technical officers in the Agency with respect to these initiatives.