Organisational Development

Address: 2nd Floor Greaham Louisy Administrative Building
Waterfront Castries Saint Lucia
Telephone: (758) 468-2208


To effectively manage organisational systems and structures and workings of public administration

Role / Overview

The Organisational Development (OD) Division is charged with the responsibility “To oversee and support strategic organisational development interventions within line agencies, to enable continuous improvements in operations and service delivery.” Achieving this mandate involves the use of scientific approaches to identify deficiencies in policies, systems, processes and procedures; making recommendations for relevant interventions; providing support/guidance in the implementation of change initiatives; and monitoring and evaluating outputs and outcomes.  

Core Functions of the OD Division

a) Examining and evaluating organisational restructuring initiatives, to provide advice to the respective line agencies. Organisational restructuring comprises the following categories:

i. Creation and activation of office(s)
ii. Tokenisation of office(s)
iii. Reclassification of office(s)
iv. Re-designation of office(s)
v. Activation of office(s)
vi. Transfer of office(s)
vii. Abolishment of office(s)
viii. Establishment/re-designation of Divisions/Sections/Units
b) Reviewing, validating and endorsing job descriptions for the Public Service to facilitate recruitment and selection, performance management, job design/redesign, organisational restructuring and appropriate classification of offices. 
c) Updating the organisational structures of line agencies and the Classification of Posts section of the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure to ensure alignment
d) Providing information and advice to government agencies on OD-related matters.

Team Members of the OD Division

  • Director
  • Secretary
  • Organisational Development Officers